Roster » "The Diva" Janey B

5′ 5″
8 st.
Signature Moves:
Janey B DDT, bulldog, flying headscissors, lou thez press
Career Highlights:
everytime she wrestles it's a new experience and high point

Janey B made her BOBW debut during the summer of 2010 on our Summer Sizzler tour.

It appears that Janey B has gone thru a attitude change in recent months and now wishes to be known as "The Diva" Janey B. With arrogant demands being made to BOBW officals during our summer sizzler tour.  The Diva was insistant that she could do what she wanted when she wanted and BOBW Officals had trouble enforcing the rules on this young star.

The Diva will be in action again soon for BOBW but at this time she says she is too busy to grace us with her presence.

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Thursday, 1st January 1970